My Holy Grail Foundation: Kat Von D

Hi everyone! For my first post here on my blog I wanted to do a makeup post. In this post I will be speaking on the foundation I have used day in and day out for the last year and a half! (I know crazy right?) 

    So here we go, yes I have used the same foundation without fail for over a year and that foundation is the Kat Von D “lock it tattoo foundation”. 
    Growing up I had HORRIBLE acne, from about 5th grade up until 8th grade I had severely bad acne filled with redness, bumps, white heads (almost impossible to cover) and dry skin, it got to the point where I needed to go on accutane. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is an extremely strong/dangerous acne medicine and I did three rounds of about 5-6 months of
this stuff! 
     So anyway, back on topic, this foundation is a full coverage foundation but has never felt “cakey” on me. All you need is one pump and it will cover your entire face flawlessly! A friend turned me on to this foundation and I have been hooked ever since. I tried many other brands of foundation, I used Clinique for a while but I have extremely sensitive skin and it began to irritate my skin severely. Then I used bare minerals for over a year but the coverage was only eh. But this tattoo foundation is so amazing! 
     And the best part is the value you get for the price. The price for this foundation is $34 I believe and it can be found at sephora or ULTA. But I can honestly say from experience that even with using this every single day you will buy this maybe 3 times a year and that’s it. It will last you an amazingly long time and is definitely worth the price. 
     Because of my history of awful skin foundation is by far the most important part of my makeup routine and once I find one that works I stick with it and Kat Von D is doing it right for all us acne-survivors out there! So I highly recommend to go out and try this makeup, everyone who I have recommended it to or showed this to have absolutely loved it so give it a shot! Thanks for reading everyone and I hope to post for you soon! 

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