Outfit of the Day

     Hi everyone! So today I just wanted to share with you guys my outfit of the day because I think it’s so cute! I know the picture quality is so so awful because the lighting in my room is awful! But anyway it has been hot and rainy so it’s muggy so I decided to go with something that would keep me cool! 
     So these lace sorts which are obviously the first thing that sticks out are from Target and they were $22.50 I believe. Then I have on this sheer black loose tank too I got from Charlotte rousse last year I think it was $10. My sandals are from Payless and were $19.95 and my sweater is just a black cardigan that I have had forever and have no idea where it’s from! I have on just a long necklace that has this little owl on it to add a little something. I also curled my hair with the 25mm wand from nume. 
     So I hope you guys liked this outfit and I want to try and do more outfit posts to change it up a little bit…bye! 



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