Review: Kat Von D ‘Tattoo Liner’

So I first tried this eye liner from one of my friends and I have been wanting to get a liquid eye liner pen and I always thought I would get the Stilla one but as I’ve posted before I love Kat Von D’s foundation so why not try her eyeliner? And I love it! 

So the pen is super easy to hold and the tip comes to a sharp point which is perfect for small wings or very dramatic ones. As an everyday look I love to do a simple small wing that I first saw and loved on Sammi from beautycrush on YouTube. I’ll put her link below! Anyway it’s so hard to do with gel eyeliner so this pen is perfect for that. I usually rest my arm on a table to keep it steady since I feel like I’m still a beginner with eyeliner! But I’m slowly getting more used to it and all in all this product if perfect for what I needed. So great job Kat Von D it’s long wearing, a deep black and easy to use! 
Thanks for reading, 
Kate xo
Sammi’s YouTube: 
My YouTube: 


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