~ Boston ~

Hello everyone! How are you all? I wanted to share with you all some pictures from the other day when my sister and I went into Boston for the day! We both had the day off from work (so rare!) and decided it was the perfect time to go to the city to walk around and do some shopping! I absolutely love the city but I hardly ever go and I don’t know why I don’t go more often! We had such gorgeous weather and such a fun time together!

Everytime we go there we always end up going to and usually eating at Quincy Market which is filled with delicious food and bustling people. We shared scallops and a wrap which were both delicious and the scenery sitting on the lawn above is beyond gorgeous! 

I wore a super simple outfit:
Tank Top: Old Navy
Shorts: American Eagle 
Sandals: Old Navy
Bag: H&M

I think Boston is the most gorgeous city all of the buildings have so much character and there is so much history everywhere you go!

A day is never complete without some coffee stop (twice actually this day) so we cooled off in a Starbucks with some tea and continued on shopping and walking around until we finally jumped on the T and headed home! The weather was warm and could not have been much better!
Hope you enjoyed! 
-KB xo


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