College Essentials: Top 5

Hi everyone! It has been a few weeks since I last posted anything because I have not even had a chance to at all! Between homework, projects, work and just life I have been unbelievably busy. My life has been a complete whirlwind the last two months, college is a whole new experience for me! I have been working to balance school, working, new friends just everything! Although its taken some getting used to I am loving it so far! With that said I wanted to do a post about my college essentials so far. Whether they are school essentials or just for life I have learned that some things are a NECESSITY to say the least!

1. Folders, Binders, Notebooks
I have found so far that I need to have separate notebooks and folders for each of my classes. Between notes in class and handouts I use them to stay organized with the work I get back and the homework that I do. I also have a seven subject binder that I use to organize all of my papers in one spot!

2. Flash Drive
Okay, I guess I should have put this as #1 because this is by far my most used school supply! This little 32 gb flash drive has literally my entire life on it! I use it to save work and papers I do in the library and on my personal computer. I also use it to print my papers and homework’s out in the library. I use it so much I wish I had the 60 gb! 

3. Agenda
This is super important to stay organized whether you are in school or not. I have no idea how I would keep track of my exams, homework assignments, work schedule, just everything! Its the best tool to time manage and not let anything slip through your brain!

4. Backpacks
Okay this one for me was a huge step! I haven’t used a backpack in almost two years for school and I lasted about 3 days without one here! Between carrying my laptop and my notebooks I had to bring out my North Face one! It is so convenient though and I am so happy that I have it! 

5. Caffeine and Sweatpants
I cannot talk enough about the necessity of caffeine in my life! I cannot get through my day without it which is not a very good thing! Whether it is coffee or tea I need it at some point, sometimes multiple times a day. And as for sweatpants, who really wants do do homework for hours all dressed up? NOT ME! I hardly every wore sweatpants out before and now if I am going to the library or in my room doing homework I need to be in comfy clothes! I would not be able to get any work done without my cozy clothes! 

Hope you all have a great night!


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