My Short Hair

Hi everyone! Today’s post is going to about my haircut! Yes, I chopped off about 6-7 inches about two months ago and about two weeks ago I cut it again for a more angled and edgy look. I was super nervous about it at first because a little bit more got cut off than I wanted, but as I am playing with it more and getting more used to it, I LOVE IT! I got it cut the first time and this last time both at a Hair Cuttery. Both have been great experiences and the stylists were super nice! 
So down below are some more pictures of my cut and my favorite hairstyles so far. 

The first hairstyle that I tried and loved was a low ponytail. I think this looks super cute with a scare or for an everyday look.

I love the way it looks straight and half up into a clip, it looks so cute and polished and is out of my face!

I have not yet mastered blowing out my short hair to create enough volume and curl it under but putting it up halfway is a super easy way to wear it. 

Curling has always been my favorite way to wear my hair and with the cut of my hair now it looks very cute! Although it isn’t necessarily the easiest with all those short pieces in the back I really do love the way it looks!

When I curl my hair I love using my Nume 3 in 1 wand. It is perfect for all lengths of hair because I used to use it on my long hair, my medium length hair and now my short hair. It heats up very fast and is quick and makes my curls last all day and night!

Sweater – Marshalls
Leggings – Aerie
Boots – Amazon
Hair – curled with Nume curling wand


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