Fall Look: Outfit, Hair and Makeup

Hi everyone! Today I have a fall look that is hair, makeup and an outfit! 

For this look I used a few different palletes to get the look I was going for. First I used my chocolate soleil bronzer from too faced in my crease and then I put “trick” from the Naked 3 pallete which is a rose goldy color and then I placed a small amount of “fire” from the Stilla “In the Know” pallete. Right ontop of that i blended in a seohora single eyeshadow on “bewitch me” which is a dark purple color in the outer corber. I then placed the same color “trick” on my bottom lash line and some “fire” and “bewitch me” in the outer edge. I love following with the same colors up top on the bottom because it will not only pull your look together but it will open up your eyes! 
All I did to my hair today was blow it out with a blow dryer and then put a straightener on the front pieces then used a bobby pin to hold back the front. 
For my outfit today I have on a tank top from target with a cardigan from H and M over it. On my bottom is maroon leggings from H and M with some black boots I got from Kohls a few years ago. So I hope you guys likes this simple look for fall! 


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