Keeping Warm In The Winter

Hi everyone! It has been absolutely freezing around me lately and especially today (it was 16 degrees when I woke up!).  So because it has been so cold lately I wanted to share with you all how I have been keeping warm, especially while walking around campus.

1. First off, scarves are my number one Winter essential! I absolutely love them and its a plus that they can help warm you up in the Winter here are a few of my favorites!

I absolutely love infinity scarves and this one from Aldo is the exact kind that I love!

Another type of scarf I love are big ones that you can wrap around your neck and tuck into a jacket to keep you nice and warm! My favorite ones are from the GAP and heres what they look like.

2. The second piece I love to keep me warm is a hat/headband.

I love beanies because they are relaxed and can look super cute while keeping you warm. Here are some I like!

Headbands can be awesome for keeping your ears and head warm and they can look super cute while not being as bulky as a hat. I love this style of them and they can be found at many places but I just bought mine for $3 at Five Below.

I also love these hats with the little puff ball because they are super warm and really cute also!

3. The third accessory is kind of an obvious one but necessary…a warm coat! I have found the last few years that having a longer coat really keeps you warm and helps with the cold. The coat I have been wearing lately is from J Crew and is one that my sister gave me but it is the warmest most amazing coat I have ever owned! Although it is expensive I definitely think it is worth it!

I hope you guys all enjoyed this Winter post, I will try and have a new one every week from now on!



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