Tips: College {My First Year}

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all well! It has been a very long time since I last posted and that is just due to the whirlwind of school, work, and internships. Balancing everything as well as just enjoying the end of my first year left me completely away from this but I am back!

So here today I will be doing a post about 10 tips I have for those of you either going in to college or those of you who already are in college. These tips are ones that I have figured out throughout my first year but it may not work or be helpful for everyone, but I hope for some of you these will help! Enjoy!

1. Be Outgoing

So as we all know it can be extremely overwhelming and scary to be in a new place with all new people. Without knowing anyone it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences. But the good thing about this is, everyone is uncomfortable! And by everyone being in the same boat, it makes for the perfect environment to make life long friendships. You’re all going to live together for the entire year and you will make some of your closest relationships.

I know this may seem overrated but trust me in college take your studying seriously! Go to the library, take time away from everyone even if you miss out on things, its all for the best. One of the best things for myself was that I was able to work my schedule for the most part to have all of my friends go to the library together to get it over with and enjoy time with everyone as well.

3.Take notes
In class, your professors will talk and talk and sometimes won’t write anything down! This is the best time to take notes. Write down everything and anything that you think is important or a question you may have. Now the best thing to do afterwards is to rewrite and organize your notes. I know this may be tedious but it leaves you with clean organized notes as well as some studying time put in, its a win win!

Being organized is one of the most important things I learned this year! Having your assignments and events all organized in one place will leave you ready to take on each and everyday without missing appointments or assignments. 

Working out is super important at any time in your life but especially while in school. I realize it may be difficult to fit it in but it really helped me to release some stress and made myself feel good! One of the things I learned was to read my notes or a book while walking on the treadmill. I am all about time management as you can see and doing multiple things at once! 

6.Eat healthy
I know this can be super difficult while at school or in a dining hall but it can be done! By sticking to salad bar, proteins like chicken and burgers as well as staying away from pasta and bread! This will not only help your waistline but will also make you feel good all around!

7.Dress comfy
For class, who has time to get all dressed up? Especially at 8 am! Not all the time but I am also all for dressing up every once in a while but if you will be in class all morning and want to feel comfortable go for those leggings and those big t shirts. 

8.Drink water (and coffee!)
I am all for drinking coffee to stay awake in those 8 am classes as well as getting through hours of homework! But it is also extremely important to go for water in between those cups of coffee. Drinking water will not only give you energy but will also make you feel better and healthier. I find that water makes my body and mind feel good while hydrating me throughout the day!

9.Use a backpack
I love to carry a cute big purse around but after about 3 weeks I thought better of it! By carrying a backpack it is much easier to carry books, notebooks, laptops, etc. This will be much more comfortable on the back and will allow you to pack everything at once. 

10.Eat in the dining hall
I know it can be boring and filled with unhealthy choices, but with the price of college now we are all broke! And by eating in the dining hall it will keep that little money that you have in your wallets! It can really add up eating out or eating take-out. As difficult as it is, it will only help you in the end!

So guys I hope you enjoyed this and found some of this helpful! See you soon!


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