Bare Minerals: Why I started using it again

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. Today I will be talking about Bare Minerals and why I started to use this brand again! 

I used to have horrible skin, acne all over the place and it was severely red and sensitive. I used Clinique for a while and eventually it irritated my skin and I needed something more gentle. And I turned right to Bare Minerals. I had watched the infomercials and heard the great effects of this makeup so I figured why not! And when I first started using this makeup, I loved it! It was first off, super gentle on the skin, never once did I get irritation. Also it was super quick and effortless to do. 

But after a little bit I began to get more into makeup and how my skin looked and I decided I was not getting enough coverage out of it. Looking back now I do believe that I was a little naive in my makeup capabilities and I could have built the makeup up more to get a fuller coverage but hey I was young and didn’t really know. 

Now after this year at college, not only is my confidence in how my skin looks better but my skin itself is doing extremely well! It is smoother, softer and clearer! (Knock on wood! lol) Now with 8am classes and a very busy schedule I just didn’t have the time or desire to do a full face foundation routine every morning, so I decided to go back to my old friend in the back of my makeup drawers. 

I used up the tiny bit of Original Bare Minerals I had left and 3 days later went out a bought a brand new one! I had fallen in love with the makeup all over again! Between the ease of putting this makeup on, along with the natural look and glowing affect it had on my skin, I was sold once again! 

Ever since then I have been using the makeup during the week for the most part or if I am only going out quickly and feel like putting on some makeup (most times I don’t do anything!). So yes I completely love this makeup I use the Original Foundation in Medium-Beige, the Mineral Veil, Warmth as a bronzer and I use blush in “Lovely”. The mix of all four products along with some concealer and mascara leaves my skin feeling healthy and looking as beautiful as ever! I completely suggest this makeup not only for the beautiful coverage but for the health benefits on your skin! 


6 thoughts on “Bare Minerals: Why I started using it again

      1. Thank you! Sure! As of now I have a couple of collabs with brands until mid-September and then I am going on a 2 week vacation but I will let you know how it goes when I come back 🙂

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