Olay ProX Review

Hi Guys! Hope you are all doing well! Today i will be talking about my Olay Pro X brush that I use to exfoliate my face. 

This brush is a similar/less expensive version of the clarisonic. I have now had this brush for about a year and I still love it! It was about $29 when I first bought it at target and it does an amazing job. It takes off all the excess makeup left over at night as well as pulls away dead skin leaving it soft and smooth and glowing. I usually just use my dove soap (which I usually use on my face) and just exfoliate with the brush. It is a quick process to be done in the shower or outside and is amazing for the skin. Your makeup will go on smoother and look better. 
Now about the brush it only has one setting and moves in a circular motion the brush itself is very soft so it is gentle on the skin and is small enough to use around the nose and fit perfectly on those smaller places of the face. The head is changeable and you will need to replace but I do not believe they are very expensive at all! 
Now I have used a clarisonic before but for all of us college girls out there this is a more pocket friendly version and will work just as well! I hope you will all try out this brush that can be found at Target, Cvs, Walmart, Ulta or any other drug store! And I hope you found this helpful! 
Link below is for the brush. 

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