Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well! Today I wanted to do a post on sort of my experience with finding internships in college including the resources I used as well as some tips that I think I have picked up on along the way.

Now, I have been lucky enough that just after my first year in college I am now working at my second internship. I was extremely interested to start looking for an internship because I wasn’t exactly sure what it was that I wanted to do and I though that getting some experience would help. I was right. My first internship I got through this site is awesome! It is simple to navigate and is extremely helpful to give you a great abundance of choices within your own criteria. Being able to search by keyword, company, city, etc is a great feature. You are even able to put your resumer in your account and all you have to do is click apply when you find the internship for you.

Having a good resume is an extremely important part of applying for internships. This will be the first thing a possible employer will see and you want it to be clean and organized. This will also help to really show in black and white your skills and experience.

Another important piece is preparing for interviews. By this I not only mean to study up but to put yourself together and have a nice outfit to look and feel confident. This will only help you by giving you confidence and capability to do well at the interview.

Work experience is a huge piece in applying for an internship, I found that having good work experience and showing commitment and handwork is a huge factor in looking for an employee. This will show your employer your skills set as well as the type of person you are.

Lastly, going into a corporate world or any professional world can be very overwhelming. My biggest tip would be to be yourself, be confident, and ask ALOT of questions. Everyone knows that you are there to learn and grow and they will all be there to help you out. I highly suggest everyone go to and set up an account if anything just to browse around and hopeful find an internship with their easy to navigate system.

Have a great day!



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