My New iPhone Apps

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Today I wanted to share with you was a few of my favorite iPhone Apps that I recently have gotten, that I absolutely love.

So the first one, Shopkick. This app is absolutely awesome and super easy to use and get rewarded for! You will get alerts whenever you are close to a store that is offering “kicks”. You can either get kicks for checking in at a store or for scanning certain products. With these kicks you will be able to save them up and ultimately use them to buy gift cards for certain stores. This means that while you are shopping you can be making money as well!

Second, Motivation Quote, this app sends you a daily positive quote to not only motivate you but can sometimes give you a different outlook on life! I look forward to reading these everyday.

Next is the I heart radio app, this app gives you access to many different radio stations both in the area of western mass as well as others! This is great to listen to while at work or working out or anything.

Now I am gonna to talk about my absolutely favorite app I have, waze. This app helps you beat the traffic as well as warn you of where there are cops as well as the best route to get home or to work or anywhere. This app is free and gives you a world of information to ensure you never hit traffic again (or atleast know about it!)

The last app I have to mention in VSCOcam. This app is awesome for editing photos either for Instagram or either for a blog. It has tons of filters and extra lighting and brightness, fading, shading, everything. It is perfect to make any photo look amazing!

I hope you guys can all check out these apps and let me know some that you love also!



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