August Update


Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well, today I have an exciting announcement, I will be doing something on KBWK that we have never done before, I will be putting up a blog post everyday for the month of August. I have been planning this all week long and figuring out some new series and some interesting posts. I also will be going back to school at the end of the month so this will lead us right up to the beginning of the school year!

With that being said I will be continuing the Get the Look series, starting a College series, I will also hopefully have some interviews and some beauty reviews to post for you all! I hope you will bear with me as I will be on vacation for about a week and I will try my hardest to keep up with everyday, luckily I have spent a lot of time planning this out, so with that being said I will end it here, this first post is just to introduce to you all what will be happening and tomorrow will be the first post! Hope you look forward to it and let me know in the comments any posts you would like!

xoxo Kate


3 thoughts on “August Update

  1. This is so exciting! I did a daily post August type thing on my blog which you can find in the category cloud (it’s the #DAILYPOSTAUGUST) on my blog. I didn’t manage to complete it but I did complete my 30 day challenge before! Daily posting is difficult so good luck! But it looks like you are doing pretty well atm as I am enjoying reading your August posts. Keep going 🙂 ☆

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