Yoga: Why I love it!

Hi everyone! Hope that you are all doing well, today I wanted to do a write-up about something that I have really been getting interested in recently, yoga! I have always liked working out but sometimes you get sick of going to the gym and I am not interested in weight lifting every single day, I get bored easily! LOL. So I decided to sign up for yoga and begin taking classes I signed up for a 30 day trial at Karoun Yoga located in Western Mass and I absolutely love it!

Photo on 7-12-15 at 8.30 AM

Why did I sign up??

I definitely have trouble relaxing 90% of the time, I just get so stressed with school and work and life and never am able to find a good way to let go of that stress, working out does help but I needed more. So I remembered when I took a yoga class for the first time a few years back I felt like a new person when I left that studio, so I decided well why not try it again! Now it can be a little pricy but my advice is to look for a starting trial because they usually have great deals!

What makes yoga so great?

So what I love about yoga is how it relaxes you while also giving you a great workout, you feel long and lean and much more flexible walking out than you did walking in! I get time to get away from my phone and my computer and focus on myself. The breathing techniques relax the mind and body. I always feel rejuvenated when leaving!

Is it still a good workout??

I would say it depends on the level of the class you are taking when I take a Warm class level 1-2 I sweat a lot and find the class difficult but even a Level 1 class I am sore from!

What do I wear?

Usually crop yoga pants with a long sleeve shirt to warm up my body as much as possible, no shoes needed in yoga! I also bring my own yoga mat that I got from TJ Maxx for $9!

I love how nice and helpful all the teachers are, they let you do the class at your own level while still pushing your limits, I definitely suggest it, here is the website of the studio I go to, check your area and see what they have to offer! For anyone who has a lot of stress in your life, especially a college student this would be a great way to relax from class and homework! Let me know if any of you do yoga as well!

xoxo Kate


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