Five Things I Need Every Day

Hi guys! Welcome to blogust day 5, today I have a post sharing 5 things I cannot go a day without, some of them are obvious and some of them I’m sure many of you can relate! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Number one:

My Phone. Yes, I’ll admit it I am addicted. I can hardly go a few hours never mind a whole day without looking at my phone, between Instagram, YouTube and snap chat how could I go without it??

Number two:

Coffee! If I have to be out and about or in class or doing homework or really anything I always find myself looking for at least one cup of coffee every day! I take mine cream only, let me know how you guys take your coffee/ your favorite kind below!

Number three:

Water, other than coffee I drink basically only water and tea. I love a glass of cold water and I try to drink at least 4-5 cups every day!

Number four:

Chap Stick, I cannot go to bed without Chap Stick on and I put it on right away in the morning! Whether I am out and about or hanging out at home I always have my EOS chap stick handy!

Number five:

Shower! I cannot go a day without a shower, every night I take on even if I have nothing to do the next day I have very oily skin and hair and I cannot imagine going more than a day without washing my hair.

Let me know 5 things you guys can’t go without in the comments!

xoxo Kate


5 thoughts on “Five Things I Need Every Day

  1. I agree with chapstick and water! I use my maybelline baby lips chapstick. I haven’t been able to get a hold of an EOS balm in the UK yet 😦 otherwise, I’m sure that would be in my list! Also can’t live without my caramel iced coffee which I have the recipe to on my blog so check it out if you have time! ♡ I also agree with the comment above and cannot live without Pinterest. Lastly, I need to have breakfast or else I get cranky or tired so quickly!

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    1. The breakfast I totally agree with i have to eat something even if it is a smoothie! Oh no you can’t get a hold of it? I know that everyone uses it but I actually really love it, I don’t use anything else haha and Caramel Iced coffee is my favorite I am going to read that right now! ❤


      1. Me too! Or else I become a person not to be around haha.
        And I don’t know where to get it from as drugstores do not sell it but word on the street is that there are two shops that sell them! Might have to go there but EOS balms are quite expensive there.
        & hope you enjoy the recipe! 🙂 x


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