College 101: What You Will Need


Hi guys! How is your week going? Today is number 3 in our college series and this is all about things that you will need while living at school, these are all things I found necessary and although some are boring items, trust me you’ll be glad you have them! Hope you enjoy!


Mattress Pad/Egg Crate

I know we all think about college beds as being the worst ever, but if you have the right blankets and pillows you can actually make it very comfy! I had both a mattress pad and an egg crate on my bed and it made it super comfortable! I actually loved my bed it was soft and filled with lots of pillows and blankets and after a long day of classes, work, studying, etc. there is nothing better!

Cozy blankets 

On top of my bed I had a great comforter I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond and also some fleece blankets to go on top. Those were a lifesaver; I used mine every single day!

Alarm clock

Whether it is the one on your phone you use or an actual alarm clock you will need this! I would never have woken up for my classes and I do have to say having an actual alarm clock is great because you can put it across the room and so you have to get out of bed to shut it off, this is great to force you not to snooze! My roommate does this and I definitely need to get into that habit!

Keurig/Coffee maker

If you are a coffee drinker like I am I definitely recommend this! It will save you so much money to make your own coffee, and in the winter during a snowy day you don’t want to have to walk somewhere to get a coffee!


These are literally my life, I keep my papers from classes organized in separate folders in my desk, that way I know exactly where to go if I am looking for something!

Desk Light

This is so important because sometimes dorm rooms can be dark or you don’t want to put on your overhead light, this is perfect for doing homework or makeup or just for some sort of light in the room.


I needed these; whatever your favorites are get them! Sometimes you will need a quick granola bar or yogurt to get through that afternoon class!

Comfy clothes

These were so important for me, most days you will not want to get dressed for class. Leggings and a t shirt are always a good go to!


This one can be helpful for some and not for others, as for me it really depends on the day. Most days I use my backpack but sometimes I will just grab my purse and throw my laptop in and I am good to go, but I do think a backpack is helpful to carry books, folders, laptop etc. Those things can get pretty heavy sometimes.


You will definitely want these for those 8 am classes in the fall or for nights when it is absolutely freezing. I love to throw on a big sweatshirt and leggings for class when it gets a little chilly in the fall/winter!


This is a personal favorite and necessity of mine, I love to have photos of good memories and of my friends and family. This can definitely help you with feeling homesick or needing a pick me up to get through those tough days!

Hope you all found this helpful, can’t believe the school year is coming up so quickly!

Xoxo Kate


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