College 101: Organization


Hi guys! Today I am back with our second post in the College: 101 Series, this one will be all about organization! I will talk about what I use to stay organized as well as some tips I have, let’s jump right in!

So one of my biggest tips to staying organized is to have a planner/notebook to right things down. I use a planner from Target which is just basic but large enough to write down my homework, exam dates, projects due as well as my work schedule. This helps me to look ahead and see what I have going on for the week as well as keep up with all of my class work!

The next tip I have is to use folders, I usually have one for each class, whether this is an actual folder for handouts or a folder on your laptop. I have both, the physical one I use for class handouts, syllabus and any other papers, the virtual one I use for notes. I take most of my notes for class on my laptop because I find it easier and more organized and easier to edit! This allows you to print them out later on nice and neatly. I also love this because you aren’t carrying around 5 different notebooks but have all your notes in one spot and organizing them so each class has its own folder makes it even easier to go back and find previous notes!

Another thing I like to do is use highlighters and colored pens, this allows for me to color code my homework, work schedule as well as any other appointments or events. This also helps to make your planner easier to read when looking quickly by knowing which color goes with which type of event.

My last tip is to prepare for the day ahead, the night before if I have an early class I will get my folder together as well as my book if I need it and have that all together to make sure I can just grab my backpack and leave quick and easy in the morning! Hope you enjoyed! ☺

xx Kate


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