College 101: Dorm Essentials | Where to go


Hi guys! Happy Thursday, almost Friday!! Today I wanted to do a quick post on where are the best places to get back to school supplies as well as everything you need for your college dorm!


Number 1:

Target – This store has everything! Whether it is groceries, clothes, school supplies, or dorm essentials they have everything! Their comforters are super cute and they have blankets and sheets and pillows all over the store! As well as all those snacks you will be needing!

Number 2:

Bed Bath and Beyond – This is where I got my comforter last year and I love it, it is the most comfortable one I have ever had! I did spend some money on it, it was $100 but with their 20% off coupons they give out I got it for $80, which I don’t think is too bad because I will have it for a couple years!

Number 3:

Kohls – This is one of my favorite stores, they have so many essentials for college and just life in general! I was actually there today and most of their college essentials were 50% off and they were having major sales so head over there to save some money!

Number 4:

Dollar Stores – Most people would head to staples for all their back to school supplies and yes they do have great deals but I suggest checking out the dollar stores in your area, they can have folders and binders and some even have notebooks for $1! I went recently and was able to get Highlighters, notebooks and post its!

Number 5:

Marshalls / TJ Maxx – This is a great place to go for decorative items for your dorm/apartment! They have the cutest wall decorations, mirrors, frames, etc. I was able to get a rack for my shower, as well as some decorative pillows here and they were all very inexpensive.

Hope you guys find this helpful and use the links above to find these stores closest to you! Talk to you tomorrow!

xoxo Kate


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