Maybelline Better Skin Foundation: First Impression and Tutorial


Hi guys! Hope you all are doing well, today is exciting because I have a post about the new Maybelline Better Skin foundation! I recently bought this at Target and was so excited to use it, Hope you enjoy ☺


So the price point for this product was $7.99 at Target and I am sure a little cheaper at Walmart, probably around $9 at Ulta, but with a $3.50 off $10 coupon which they have right now you could save some money!

I would say the foundation is a medium coverage and very buildable. As seen in the video I applied one coat and got great coverage and then went in with a second around my mouth where I have most of my breakouts and scars, I found that I got great coverage for the foundation at such a low price point!

I also thought that Target had a broad range of colors I believe they had about 7 or 8 colors from light to medium/dark. I will put the link to my channel below as well as some links to where the foundation can be bought! I hope I will continue to enjoy using the foundation and hope you all enjoyed this and found it helpful!

xo Kate


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