Places to visit

Five Places I Would Love to Visit

Enjoy 🙂



I think pictures of Greece especially its beaches and houses are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to sit on a beach or explore some of its cities filled with beauty and so much history!



London looks like an amazing city, filled with beauty and history and a buzzing economy. From Big Ben to the many cafes that fill the city it is definitely on my bucket list!



The city of love, who doesn’t want to visit Paris? From the croissants to the beauty that is in almost every picture I can’t wait to one day walk through and take in all the people, places and food!

San Francisco


I have never been to California, but would love to go! San Francisco is supposed to have amazing eateries as well as beaches and the famous Golden Gate Bridge!



Mostly because my family is from here but also because it is absolutely gorgeous! Also Dublin is a buzzing city filled with businesses and pubs that I would love to see! The landscape and beaches along with the many historical landmarks are supposed to be amazing! I also would love to see County Kerry where my family is from!

Let me know five places you guys would want to visit!

xx Kate


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