College 101: Freshman Year


Hi guys hope you all had a good Wednesday, and got over that hump for the week! I wanted to share some experience about how my freshman year went and some advice I have! So I definitely was more of a shy person in high school I had a good group of friends but I definitely wasn’t totally myself nor was I as outgoing as I try to be now. I have grown so much over the last year and my first year of college was such a great experience and taught me a lot as well!

It definitely taught me how to be independent and more responsible for myself. Living on my own and deciding my own schedule taught me what worked well for me and what didn’t. I had more freedom but therefore more responsibility, which is good for anyone I think. It also helped me to be a stronger person, not living with your parents and in a new place with all new people makes you a stronger all around person, and I think it teaches you a lot about yourself.

One thing I wanted to make a point of in college was to meet as many people as possible! I wanted to make friends and try and be much more outgoing. I had to force myself to try and talk to more people and I think that a combination of doing as well as learning more about myself helped me to really grow throughout my first year.

So even if you are a shy person, I definitely suggest pushing yourself to meet people and just to do it at your own speed if you really aren’t comfortable with something then don’t do it but try to push yourself as much as possible. You will be happier in the end, trust me!!

Hope you guys didn’t mind this quick post!

xx Kate


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