Get To Know Me

Hi everyone, now that we are more than half way through the week I hope everyone is getting excited for the weekend! I know I am, but I wanted to do a post that I haven’t done before and just do a sort of get to know me post. I just created some basic questions to answer to give you all a little more insight into who I am! I hope you will enjoy ☺

Where am I from??

Western Mass.

How old am I??

19, but will be 20 in October. 

How do I take my coffee??

Cream only no sugar!

What is one of my dreams?? 

To have a successful career where I feel happy with my career choice as well as doing something that makes a difference to someone or something!

Where is somewhere I would like to live??

Anywhere in a city, specifically Boston!

What is something I love to do??

I love to cook, it is not only relaxing but it gives me a way to be creative and not follow any rules as well as I love to make delicious food for people and if someone enjoys one of my meals it is such a huge compliment!

How would I describe my style??

I would describe my style as simple, comfy and semi-stylish. I try to follow trends but in the end it is way too time consuming and expensive to keep up with them all. I like to dress nice and look good but I get most of my outfit inspiration from Pinterest. I am one to go on Pinterest every day and take screenshots of what I think I will wear in the morning, then still change 50 times! LOL

What is my favorite snack?

Greek yogurt! I eat at least one and most times two every day!

Favorite TV show?

New Girl, it is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched!

So I hope you all enjoyed this post and I’ll talk to you soon! 



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