Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well and had a great Monday and start to your week! The good news is that we are now one day closer to Friday! So exciting! So I can’t believe it is already the 23rd but I do have to say a blog post everyday is exhausting! Sometimes I am just burnt out and have no more ideas of what I want to write on.

So far what I have found is that planning is a HUGE part of blogging. I would not have been able to post everyday if I had not sat down to schedule out all of my posts for the month of August and I have tried to stay as close to that schedule as I can. That saved me so much time and if I had a day where I really was lost for what to write I had a few backup posts that worked well at any time of the week!

Another thing I found helpful was sitting myself down at some point during the day to focus on writing a post. I needed to set aside time to write and edit the post that would go up that day or the following day. And as for those backup posts I was talking about I was able to sit down one day for most of the day and I just spent it writing and writing and writing! That helped me not only with my writing skills but I was able to have some great content for you all on those days where I would run out of time to finish up a post!

So hope you guys had a good start to your week and go out there and kill it! Make it to Friday!

xx Kate


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