Crunchy Taco Wraps

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend even though we all are sad to see it go! I know I am! But Monday just means one day closer to next weekend but anyway today I have a post for you all about my crunchy taco wraps! These I made for the first time last year and I went over to my friends apartment to cook them for everyone. They are super delicious and kind of a play on a wrap they have at Moe’s and Taco Bell, yet these are even better! They actually are simple to make and they are super delicous!

I am so sorry for my absence lately, I have been very busy with school and getting back into the swing of things so bare with me as I get my posting schedule back on track!


Heres the recipe:


Soft taco shells

Hard taco crisps or tortilla chips

Ground beef

Shredded cheese



Can of Refried Beans


I first take one large soft shell and layer on brand and some cheese then the beef on top.

Next I put the tortilla crisp or chips on top of the meat. 

Now I put lettuce, tomato and sometimes if I have it I will add some salsa or queso.

I used to put sour cream inside and you could do that as well but it gets to warm on the inside, I would rather dip it in I believe.

Next wrap the edges over the middle to make a sort of circle. 

I then take my frying pan with some spray or oil and lay the wrap fold side down in the pan for it to brown and crisp up on each side. This will allow the wrap to be crispy as well as stay closed.

I usually serve this with rice or corn.

Hope you guys enjoy!

xoxo Kate


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