Taco Bowl // Loaded Quesadilla

Happy Saturday guys! I am having a super relaxing night which has been great and today I wanted to share with you a recipe that I put together for dinner tonight for my sister and I. We each had different meals but used the same ingredients so I thought this could be a cool post.

She had a “Loaded Quesadilla” as I will call it and I had a “Tasty Taco Bowl”, photos and recipes will be below and I hope you guys will try it out!

The quesadilla my sister had was absolutely delicious (yes I took a bite! lol). Here’s what I put into it:

-Refried beans

-Ground beef with Adobo

-Mexican shredded cheese

-Flour tortillas

-Sour cream & Salsa on side

IMG_4321 IMG_4322

I put all the ingredients inside the quesadilla and served it with the sour cream, salsa and some lettuce, and let me say it was DELICIOUS! Here’s the final product!


For myself, I made a taco bowl. Here’s what I put into it:

-Shredded lettuce

-Ground beef


-Shredded cheese

-Refried beans

-Sour cream

-Flour Tortilla

So what I did was put the shredded lettuce and chopped tomato into a bowl, sprinkled on the cheese then put the beef over that so it would melt.

IMG_4319 IMG_4320

I then put a spoonful of beans, sour cream and then after making a small cheese quesadilla put the slices right on the side of the bowl, it was so delicious and so filling!


I hope you guys like this post!

-xx Kate


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