Kate’s Closet {Fall Booties}

Happy Fall you guys! I hope you all have been enjoying the gorgeous sceneries and the beautiful weather that we have been having, although it is starting to be a little too cold for me up here in New England!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.32.20 AM

Today I am sharing with you four of my favorite pairs of booties that I own which I have been wearing non stop lately because they are absolutely perfect for this type of weather! I have been also wearing my tall boots but I will save those for another post and possible for the winter!





The first pair of booties is a above. These are Madden Girl by Steve Madden and are probably my favorites because for everyday wear they are amazing! I love my booties that have a little heel but these are virtually flat and perfect for school or walking because they are extremely comfortable! I got them from DSW on sale a few years ago so I was able to find a link to them here. I don’t believe they re available at DSW anymore.





The second pair is a black pair that I bought of Amazon last winter. The link to this is in one of my previous posts, check it out here. But they re made from the brand Breckless. I love these, they have a slight heel which is perfect to be a little more dressy and then they have the slits on the side which adds a little extra detail although one time I had nothing but lime green socks to wear and let me just say they did not look cute through the slots! LOL. But regardless how can you go wrong with black booties??





The third pair is a pair from Target, these are probably the biggest steal out of all of them! I found these on the shelf at Target last Fall and they were the very last pair, but I fell in love with them! There was no tag on them to tell me the price or anything but I just needed them!! So lucky enough they were in my size and they have them to me for $10! How amazing for a beautiful pair of booties, they would have definitely cost like $30 regular price! They add such a beautiful detail to your outfits but they are simple enough to go with many looks. And the heel makes for comfortable wear yet makes your legs look amazing!!





The last pair is probably the most practical out of all of the boots. These I got from TJ Maxx in the summer, they are Michael Kors short rain boots. I found these on the shelf as the last pair again yet these ones did have a tag LOL, but they were only $25! I was debating on if I really needed them and if I would wear them and let me say thank god I bought these! I don’t have any other rain boots and let me say as a college student in New England I find myself walking through rain and puddles a lot!! But these are perfect they are not bulky or clunky and look actually really cute with jeans and a cute sweater or shirt. I sometimes will even wear them with leggings and a big sweatshirt, perfect for class! And who could say no to MK!

Also check out my Pinterest to see more of my favorite Fall looks and pieces!!

Hope you guys like this post and this week I should have another post up so sorry for the wait!

xoxo Kate


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