Fall In New England


As everyone probably knows New England is the absolute best place to be in the Fall. Between all the apple farms, pumpkin farms, beautiful leaves the changing and the most perfect weather it is AMAZING! And sometimes I think I take it for granted because of growing up here I don’t even pay attention to how amazing it is! But it really is beautiful, I love taking the time to drive and “leaf peep” as some would say. But anyway the last few weeks I have been loving and admiring the atmosphere here and so I wanted to share some pictures from a few weeks ago.

IMG_4334 IMG_4336 IMG_4333

These three photos are from a street right around the corner from my house. The leaves going down the center are absolutely gorgeous and it is one of my favorite streets to go down especially when walking my dog!

Also had some amazing apple cider.
Cider donuts and chicken and corn chowder.
My sister and I and one of her friends in the picture below decided to go drive to this awesome little market, Atkins Farm, that has amazing food, especially the cider donuts (I ate 3 ugh) but they were delicious! It was an absolutely gorgeous day!


One of the best cider donuts I have ever had. mmmmmmmm I want one now!

Let me know how you guys are enjoying fall and some of your favorite things to do or food to eat!

xoxo Kate


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