Finals Survival Kit

Yes, it is that dreaded time of the semester, FINALS. Who does not hate this time of year, it is a super stressful and busy time and leaves everyone a little more than on edge. So here are some tips that I do too survive finals week and hopefully they can help make things a little bit easier for you as well.

Hug your friends.


I know this probably sounds silly, but honestly a hug from someone close to you can go a long way, just do it I promise you will feel better. My roommate helps me through so much, sometimes its all you need.

Sweat it out.


Yes, even though you may be beyond exhausted go to the gym and sweat out all that stress. For me the gym is a huge stress reliever and can only help to distract you from all the exams and papers.

Give yourself a cheat meal.


Sometimes you just need to give yourself a little break from maybe eating healthy, or eating in your schools dining hall. Eat a meal from somewhere you love and treat yourself a little!

Take a nap.


Sometimes with all that is going on at the end of the semester we forget to take care of ourselves, naps can really change your entire mindset, sometimes all I need is an hour of sleep to feel like a new person.

Do some yoga.

Photo on 7-12-15 at 8.31 AM #3

Yoga is one of my biggest stress relievers, it helps to stretch out and relax your body and muscles. It is a great way to relax yourself especially during this crazy time.

Drink some water.


I always seem to get sick at the worst times, specifically every time I have finals. It is exhausting from all the work, studying and stress that it seems to always take a toll on my body. Drinking water can be one of the best things for our bodies so do your body a favor and drink an extra bottle or two a day.

Watch a movie/ Get Coffee/ Have a girls night.


Sometimes a relaxing night alone or with friends is all the stress reliever you need. Just relaxing with my roommates can sometimes make me feel so much better about life and all that is going on. Taking a step back and enjoying time with the people you love can help A LOT!

Well there goes my study break, back to work it is. Hope you enjoy this post and good luck to all of you who have finals coming up! YOU CAN DO IT

xoxo Kate


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