Christmas Shopping

Considering the busy last few weeks with finishing up my semester and finals, I needed to get some Christmas shopping done! So yesterday I went to the mall with one of my friends to get some shopping done, thankfully I got most of it done. But let me tell you guys the mall was INSANE, everyone was shopping so I got in and out as quick as possible! Here is my outfit I wore shopping:





Uggs are the comfiest shoes to go shopping, I make sure I wear mine almost every time I go shopping. My jeans are from American Eagle and they are a little big on me so are super comfy. Then I jus wore a white t shirt with my leather jacket and a scarf. Super casual and comfy outfit to get all my Christmas Shopping done.


Before going shopping I spent the morning with my nieces we went to Denny’s and my nieces got these adorable Rudolph pancakes, and then to my nephews basketball game. It finally felt like Christmas time being home and I hope all you guys are enjoying the days coming up to the big day!

xoxo Kate


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