How to Make the Coziest Bed on a College Budget


Now that it is finally getting colder out, I know I am looking forward to some cozy days and nights over vacation just binging on Netflix. But who wants to do that in an uncomfortable bed? I know I don’t, I absolutely love having super soft blankets on the bed with some cozy pillows. It is so nice to get into a comfy bed at the end of a long time and curl up to watch Netflix.

I am obsessed, to say the least, with comfy beds. I stayed in a Hilton Hotel a few weeks ago and let me tell you I fell in love with the bed. Between the mattress pad, down comforter and pillows ugh I could have stayed in that bed for days. But unfortunately one night together was all we had!

Now, the crazy person that I am, was quick to look up where to buy their bedding online. (Basically anything I love I search for online ASAP!) So of course I found the Hilton to Home website where they sell all of their bedding they use in their hotels, how awesome right? Most hotels actually do this if you did not know, Macy’s has a whole hotel collection and other hotel companies have similar websites, because I don’t know about you guys but most hotels I stay at the bed is what I fall in love with! I actually have this weird thing about hotels, I love them! I just think theres something fun and special about going to spend a night somewhere different.

Anyway, back to what I was saying, I love cozy beds so I decided to do some additions to my bed at home to make it a little more cozy and warm. I immediately turned to Pinterest and went to TJ Maxx to look at every throw blanket and cozy comforters they had. But in the end after my research I decided to just use some of the things I had around the house.

Heres what I did:

Stuff your pillows.

I have some very thin pillows, unfortunately they are pretty old. So I decided to get new pillow cases and double stuff them so I put two pillows in one. Yes, this was a very tight squeeze, but let me tell you they are so comfy and great to lean against in bed.

Get rid of your top sheet.

I read this on Pinterest when I was looking at cozy beds on there. This was one of the tips and I think its a great idea, the top sheet is just a mess and its much better to just have one sheet and cozy comforters and blankets.

Get a soft throw.

I still am debating buying one of the extra soft throws at TJ Maxx. There was a few that were BEAUTIFUL! One was white and furry all over, another was gray on one side and had white fur underneath it was so COZY! All of these also ran for about $20-$25 so very inexpensive.

Extra padding.

I definitely think a good mattress pad goes alone way but considering the one from Hilton Hotel was $150, I needed to find something a little cheaper. So I went for one of my old comforters from when I was a kid and put that underneath my sheet and it adds some extra softness!


Nothin makes a room cozier than some amazing candles, I think it is so relaxing to sit with some lit candles, a few of my favorites are Christmas Cookie from Yankee Candle and Victoria’s Secret, Bombshell.

Hope you guys found these tips helpful, here is the link to Hilton’s bedding if anyone is interested it is absolutely amazing and hope you use these!

xoxo Kate


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