Morphe 350 Palette

Morphe has really come into the makeup world with their guns blazing. They have quality brushes and makeup for very inexpensive prices. Who doesn’t want a good deal right?


I tried their makeup for the first time last year, I bought one of their empty pallettes and put in a few shadows. And to be honest I was not that impressed so didn’t really buy much until this. When I saw the 350 Palette available a few months ago I knew I needed it, especially for the Fall! So for the price of around $22 I bought the palette, before it sold out that is!

This palette comes up every few months and sells off right away since it is in such high demand!


This palette is filled with amazing Fall colors, neutrals are everything and can be so versatile for various looks.


These shadows are super pigmented and can create anything from the most natural looks to the  most dramatic.

I love using the orange colors in the corner as transitions, they add depth of color. And the shimmery golds are perfect for all over the lid or just in the inner corner.


I am not sure when they will be launching this palette again, but if you have never tried Morphe I definitely suggest trying it out and purchasing a few shadows to see the amazing quality of their products.

xoxo Kate


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