First Week

Happy Saturday everyone! The first week of classes is all over, and I wanted to share some tips for starting the new semester for all of you college students out there!


The first week of classes, as some call “Syllabus Week”; can be easy in some senses, but it is difficult getting back into the swing of things and back into the routine. For me, balancing everything is the hardest thing, figuring out your routine of class, homework, the gym, jobs, and all else that fills our busy schedules!

Getting back into the routine of things can be stressful for some, so to start off, my biggest stress reliever is the gym. I have been in a good routine for going for a little over a month now and it is the best to relieve your stress.

Organize your school supplies, this helps me so much to stay calm during the semester. Getting my notebooks, binders, and books all organized make it so much easier to handle the million things thrown at us in the first few weeks.

Spend extra time with your friends – as all of us college students know, once the semester starts there is very little free time we all have! So before it gets crazy spend some extra time with your roommates, or friends!

Hope all you college students had a great first week back!



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