YouTube Videos to Watch

As most of you guys now I am obsessed with watching YouTube videos! I subscribe to so many YouTubers and it is the most relaxing thing for me to do, I usually end a lot of my nights watching them.

Although school has made it a little difficult to keep up with them! Here are a few recent videos that I have loved watching and wanted to share with you all!

P.S. I am also super “caffeinated” today so don’t mine the extra capitals and exclamation points! 


Jasmine is one of my favorite YouTubers! I love her so much because she is the same age as me and I have followed her since I was a senior in high school so I feel like I am going through the same transitions as her into college and she deals with similar stresses.

Plus her makeup is gorgeous and I LOOOOOVE her videos! She also is not afraid to talk about uncomfortable and awkward things in her videos, you girls know the things I am talking about, and I totally respect her and love her for that reason!

This is her most recent video so check her out here:

Samantha Maria, who you all have probably seen me mention as the “beauty crush”, which was her old YouTube name, is probably my favorite YouTuber of all time.

She is one of the most down to earth people I think I have watched, you see her struggles with anxiety and depression which I love that she isn’t afraid to talk about. She also used to do “Girl Talk” videos I am not sure if she still does but she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she helps a lot of girls out by talking about those things!

Check her recent motivation video out here:

Patricia Bright, is another YouTuber I love! She is also from England as Samantha Maria, seems like most of my YouTuber I subscribe to are from Europe! LOL.

But anyway she is an amazing person to watch, she is so gorgeous and has beautiful makeup and she also used to have a career in Finance and I always enjoyed watching her videos on school and career since business is what I am studying in school!

Check out her recent makeup tutorial here and go back and check out her other videos!

Last, but definitely not least, the queen of YouTube herself, Jaclyn Hill. If you know anything about YouTube and especially makeup tutorials, you are insane if you have never heard of Jaclyn Hill.

Jaclyn is one of the first girls I began watching and as a professional makeup artist she knows pretty much everything and anything there is to know about makeup. I learned basically all that I know from her, from application, brands, brushes, colors, lets just say EVERYTHING to cover all the bases. LOL.

She just put up this beautiful smokey eye tutorial check it out here:

I hope you all will check some of these girls out, and let me know if you watch any of them or any new channels you all love, because I am always looking for new girls to watch!

xoxo, Kate


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