Favorite Trends – College Edition

With the beginning of 2016 I decided that I want to do some more fashion posts here on KBWK, I want to do some more posts of outfits that I have worn or of different trends that I find fashionable. I am definitely not one that is super into high fashion but more into trends that are wearable for the everyday girl, specifically for college. I like to put together outfits that I believe are stylish, yet are comfy and appropriate for the occasion, for me that usually means class!

So I have been looking on the web and scoping out some styles that I have really been loving. I am a definite people watcher and avid Instagram stalker and I am forever looking at other girls outfits, I am not creepy I swear.

Anyway, here I wanted to share some of the trends that I love so far this year and ones that I believe are totally wearable!

Flannel $24.99


This is a men’s flannel, but sometimes that works better because it will be loose and comfy! I love the colors hear, with gold jewelry it is beautiful!

Who doesn’t love flannels? Actually want to know a secret, I used to hate them! LOL. I used to hate plaid and maybe that comes from my distaste for country music or the fact that I wore a plaid skirt to Catholic school for 8 years of my life, but I don’t know what it was I just didn’t care for it, but now I love it! I bought my first flannel last winter at H&M it was a dark green one that I thought was super chic and looked amazing on, I still do think this. But after buying that one I began to love them more and more, they look super cute with jeans or leggings and with accessories can look super chic!

Pointed Toe Flats $17.90


Love these from Forever 21, and super inexpensive!

I think that flats look so stinkin cute on everyone, and then sometimes I go to wear them and they either don’t match or aren’t comfortable or I find some reason not to wear them. But I have been searching for a pair of pointed toe ones and after seeing someone with them on today I am obsessed. So therefore, I NEED A PAIR. But I love the way they elongate the legs (especially for us short girls out there) and they just look chic and dress up any outfit.

Trench Coat $150.00


This trench from Nordstrom is a little on the pricy side for $150, but I have seen some in Sears as well as Forever 21 and Macy’s, just was hard to find a cheaper one online that is this camel color!

As I am out of my teenager years, *insert crying emoji”, I have noticed that my style has been maturing a little bit. I find myself pulled towards more mature styles, especially more towards business casual attire. Possibly because I am a business major and love dressing up for my internship, but I am obsessed with business attire. Dressing up just makes you feel FAB about yourself and at least for myself gives me more self confidence. One of the best pieces for business wear in my opinion is the coat or blazer, and with all these rainy days in New England I have been loving trench coats. I have had my eyes peeled for a tan trench coat with a belted waist. I think they look so chic on every woman and give you the most beautiful shape while still shielding you from the rain.

Let me some of your favorite trends and pieces of your wardrobe right now 🙂

-xoxo Kate



4 thoughts on “Favorite Trends – College Edition

  1. FLANNEL IS MY LIFE YAAAS😍❤️ I’ve been wearing plaid and flannel for YEARS! An Amazimg fabric and hell, I’ve even worn plaid on plaid. Great for layering and will always be a classic piece. I have one for every day of the week. 😂😂😂

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