Monday Motivation

Happy Monday everyone, lets all start this week off on a great note and make it a productive and fantastic week! 


One of my 2016 goals was to stay less stressed and be more organized, so I have been trying very hard to keep myself organized and up to date with all my school work. So far I have been doing a great job getting ahead with my work, but I haven’t had any exams yet so we will see how that goes! 

But anyone I wanted to share with you all how I stay organized and prepped for my week. 


One of the best ways to make me want to do work and be productive is new school supplies. I went to Walmart and got these two cute notebooks above, they are adorable and I love having new ones for the start of a semester. 


This agenda I got is from Marshalls, its so great I love it. I love that it has the days on one side and then a notes section on the other page. Then it leaves me plenty of space for homework, class, work, workouts, and random events. 


I tried to organize my week on Sunday night to figure out all my due dates and what I have to work on. Sticky notes and color coding with highlighters and pens help me keep everything straight. 


I definitely suggest getting an agenda with a notes section just to leave reminders for yourself!

Let me know how you all keep yourself organized and any tips you may have! 




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