YouTube Videos To Watch

Today I have another post about some new YouTube videos I watched recently and new channels that I have been loving! You all know about my obsession with YouTubers so now you can share my addiction! LOL.

SamanthaMaria (used to be the Beautycrush) is probably my all time favorite YouTuber. She has makeup and style videos as well as TONS of vlogs! She is doing a vlog everyday of this month so be sure to check her out!!

Her Fiance, Jason, also now has a channel. He does vlogs as well and is super into photography and videography so check his out! They are such a power YouTube couple, they have amazing quality photos and show so many interesting things in their videos between food and travel and style!

Here’s one of his recent blogs, he proposes to Sam!!

Lexi is one of the newer YouTubers that I watch. She does some awesome videos and I love that she just started on YouTube a little over a year ago and has been building her channel ever since! She does some awesome videos and she is getting married soon so I  am looking forward to lots of videos about that! Check out her new tutorial below:

MakeupbyLeyla is also one of my favorite YouTuber’s. Her tutorials are amazing and I love the different looks she does! And I tend to watch a lot of YouTubers from outside the United States and she is one of the, check out her newest video below! Look at that eye look, I mean REALY?! Stunning!!

Hope you will check out these videos and enjoy!!

xoxo Kate


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