How To Make The Coziest Dorm Room

Living at school can be so much fun, but it can also feel like you are just living between four cinderblock walls with no coziness at all. I can’t live like that so I try my best to make my room as cozy as possible!! Here are some photos of how I make my room at school feel like home!


Christmas lights are my favorite way to make the room feel super cozy! They add such a nice atmosphere and are very relaxing!


I also love hanging up pictures on the wall. The top one I got from one of my friends and the other one is from Hobby Lobby. I love canvas wall hangings that have quotes on them, this one says “Goal Digger” which I think is such a cute play on words!



Pictures always make me feel at home! They make me smile so much seeing my family and friends and boyfriend. So I love adding these on the wall!


My bed at school is so comfy, I recently got a new mattress pad which is memory foam and is so so comfy!! I got it from Kohls, here is the link! Plus I add lots of blankets, the furry one on the end is from Walmart which is so chic and is comfy I also add a few throw pillows because they look super cute!


The most important thing though for a cozy and homey room is blankets. These soft blankets below are my favorite! My roommates and I all have one and I love them for in bed or on the couch. Sometimes I even put one under my comforter for extra warmth in the winter!



My desk is one of my favorite things in my room. I do some homework on here but I also use it as my makeup table. I have all of my palettes up here and my makeup brushes. I also keep this cute basket below to keep my toiletries in one place and it adds a nice piece to my desk. The pictures on it also make me super happy!


Hope you guys like these kinds of posts and let me know how you make your dorm rooms cozy!

xoxo Kate


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