Finals Exam Survival

To all of you college students out there I am sure you are struggling with the end of the semester approaching which is filled with finals, exams, projects, papers, finding a summer job and the million other things that are thrown our way! The month of April and beginning of May are a college kids hell on earth I would say. I am 2 days away from being done with the semester and I am so excited! So as finals are upon us now I wanted to share my “Final Exam Survival Kit” and tips of how I make it to the finish line.

For those of you who maybe do not know I am currently a sophomore business student so this is my fourth semester and therefore my fourth go around with finals. And I am starting to get the hang of how to get through all of this work.

1. Schedule Study Time

For me I need to be organized, my agenda is honestly my whole life, I would forget everything without it! So needless to say it is filled with writing and highlighter everywhere from the last few weeks. As for finals week it is first of all important to write down when exactly your finals are, but also to schedule study time! I try to do this because sometimes I am meeting with study groups or even by myself its important to give yourself ample time to prepare for your exams!

2. Coffee

If you are a caffeine addict like me you know that this is so important to get through your days, especially after spending long hours in the library. The last few weeks I have been in the library for multiple hours at a time and coffee is the only thing that gets me through, so needless to say I have spent a fortune on coffee the last few weeks, to save some money I would suggest making coffee in your room, I try to prepare it the night before so all I have to do is turn the pot on in the morning and boom fresh coffee!

3. Water

While we are on the topic of drinks, although coffee is super important (trust me I understand coffee is like gold to a college student), water is MORE important. Coffee can dehydrate you a lot and therefore it is super important to make sure that you drink lots of water during the day, this not only will give you a lot of energy but also will stimulate brain activity. See this study about how water improves mental performance!

4. Netflix

One thing that my mom has always said to me when I’m stressed or mentally exhausted is to do something mindless, and what better than Netflix! Sometimes hours in the library and forcing information into your memory can absolutely exhausting you and you need to relax your brain and give it a break. This can be hard for some people who have trouble relaxing (I feel your pain) but it is so important because after a break you feel so refreshed and will actually retain more information.

5. Study Guides

One of the things I have learned in college is that study guides are honestly my life. It is the only study plan that works for me and it helps to organize all the information you need. I spent one night this semester on Pinterest looking at study tips, definitely suggest doing it, but there was a lot of information on there! One of the things that stuck out to me was the “right” way to take notes, leaving lots of space in between and using things like arrows and highlighters to make things clearer helps a lot. I use about 4 or 5 different highlighters on my study guides because colors help to organize what it is your looking at (such as main ideas, facts, topics, etc). This has helped me so much when making my guides!

I hope this helps any of my fellow college students out there and if it did please let me know, or let me know some of your tips! Good luck with the rest of your semesters, Summer is right around the corner!

xoxo Kate


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