The Intern Diaries: My Summer Goals

Hey guys! So I just started back at my internship this week and therefore am thinking of starting a new series, ‘The Intern Diaries’. Basically I want to write and share outfits, tips, my experiences and my goals for this Summer and for my internship. This is the same internship I did last Summer but I am looking forward to learning a lot and also growing more and more as an individual as I head into the corporate world. It is nice to have somewhat of an idea of what the corporate world is like coming in this Summer, because let me tell you it is a shock, but I will talk more about that in another post. Anyway, so today I wanted to share my goals for the Summer with you.

Read (A LOT!)

So basically at my internship I do have lots of work to get done but in the meantime and also in the down time between projects and meetings there is a good amount of time I have to myself. Therefore I want to make good use of this time and to learn more and more about the industry I am working in. Yesterday was my first day and I spent a great deal of time reading (like 8 hours lol) but honestly this is the only way to learn more and more about the industry.

Research Jobs

An internship is a great opportunity to learn more about possible jobs that you may be interested. Last Summer I spent a great deal of time researching jobs at my company as well as others to see what there is out there. This was extremely helpful to learn more about what jobs are looking for and the kinds of jobs I may be interested in learning more about or trying out.


Networking is something that I have found so important in the business world today! This can be something that is pretty difficult for some people if you are not the most outgoing person but is something that is so vital to your success! I really broke out of my shell in college which helped to make me more willing to talk to people at my internship, just opening up and saying hi and maybe asking someone to tell you about themselves or their role is a great way to learn more and also to build your own network.

Have Patience

Unfortunately, there are some points where I get frustrated in not understanding something and not being able to figure out how to do something. And being thrown into the corporate world this happens a lot, so it is important to be patient with yourself and with others to learn as much as possible and get the most out of your experience. And lets be honest we all could use more patience.

Define New Goals

College is a time where I think we all find ourselves and where we are growing more and more every year. I have grown and changed a great deal since college started and I love to find out more and more about myself (good and bad lol). But along with these changes comes new goals and ideas of what I want in my life. In some aspects I feel as though I am at a standstill, I have been feeling very down and out the last few weeks and with the end of the semester and some personal issues it has been tough. But I truly want to focus on defining my own goals and learning more about myself.

Define My Own Life

One of my faults is that I try to please other people and listen to their advice a little too much. I am always worried of what others think and how things will affect other people. I want to stop doing that, I feel as though sometimes I know what I want but am too scared to go and get it, I do not want to do that anymore. I want to take charge of my life and if I like something pursue it and if I don’t then I do not want to waste my time anymore. Life is about living and it is too short to spend it being afraid or wasting it doing something you do not even like. It is time for me to grow up and take charge and listen to myself and no one else.

So I hope you all enjoyed this spur of the moment post and I will talk to you soon!

xoxo Kate



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