Morning Running: Pros

For the past few weeks I have started running at 5:45 AM with my sister, yes you read that right 5:45 AM.

Anyway…if you can get past the early wake up call this is something everyone needs to do.

I have for years said I wanted to be that person who wakes up early to run/workout, then I would set my alarm and never actually get up! Well my sister forced me to do it and now it is just my routine. My biggest tip is find someone to do this with and that will make you get up!

So we go at about 5:45 – 6:00 every morning and run about 3 miles which takes us about 30-35 minutes (yeah we aren’t too fast LOL). But this is the perfect amount of time to get your body warmed up and to wake up! I mean how do you not feel great when you’ve already accomplished your workout before 7 AM!

The top 5 positive benefits that I have seen from doing this are:

  1. More productive all day. At my internship this summer I work from 8:30 to 5:00 everyday and I am so much more willing to do work all day long when I have already run!
  2. More free time. As everyone knows working full time during the week leaves little time to run errands, see friends or family, or do things for yourself. Between commuting and work by the time I got home it was a choice between working out or seeing my friends and now I do not have to choose. I can do something after work every night out of the week as well as workout!
  3. Mental Health Benefits. I have struggled with anxiety for a while now and working out is the best thing to keep mine in control, it helps me to stay calm and less stressed, therefore I can think clearer during times when I am feeling anxious.
  4. Positivity. Thinking positively about situations has like a million or so benefits LOL. But seriously, when you think positively about something it can change just about anything. A run or workout in the morning is amazing to clear your head for the day. The other benefit about running with someone is being able to talk the whole time. My sister and I basically have a mini therapy session every morning because we talk the entire way, which is an extra bonus to getting all the negativity out.
  5. Eating Healthy. When you workout in the morning you are definitely more careful about what you eat throughout the day. After my run I drink a full bottle of water and then I have a smoothie every morning which keeps my hunger in check all morning. When I know I have worked out I don’t want to ruin the progress I have done so I definitely eat less, and WAY healthier. An added bonus is that if you do cheat during the day you have already worked out so you can afford it 🙂

Anyway, this is something I definitely urge you to try for a week and see how you feel. Trust me I know every morning is just as rough getting up, but once you are in the routine you will feel lost without going every morning (or at least most mornings!)




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