November Favorites

Hi Everyone! It is so nice to be sitting down and writing a post after a long holiday weekend! I hope everyone of you who celebrates Thanksgiving had a fabulous holiday weekend filled with family and shopping! I did do some shopping this weekend and that will be talked about in another post hopefully, but today I wanted to share my monthly favorites!

This month I actually have a lot of new products I have been trying and also I have a lot of old products I have rediscovered and want to share with you! Let’s get right into it!

PINK by Victoria’s Secret Body Mist in “Wild and Breezy”


This mist is so nice, it is a fresh and fruity type of smell. It is not the type of smell I usually go for but I love it! One of my favorite YouTuber’s Jasmine, she swears by this scent and now I see why. I got mine for $8 so how could I leave it there!


Victoria’s Secret Perfume in “Bombshell”


This perfume is honestly probably the best smelling perfume ever! I am absolutely in love with it! I had the body mist and fell in love and used basically the entire thing. From what I hear this is one of Victoria’s Secrets top selling scents. I just bought mine online, their fragrances are $25 this weekend (usually $52)! So needless to say if you haven’t smelled this, GET IT!

$25 (reg. $52)

Eco Tools Angled Kabuki Brushdsc_0593

This brush was recommended by another one of my favorite YouTubers Alexandra Garza, she is partnering with Eco Tools and used this in one of her videos and I thought I needed it! I use this brush for a soft bronzed look without being super contoured. Works awesome to apply bronzer and highlight at the same time, that is how she used it!


Mario Badescu Facial Spray dsc_0599

This facial spray is everywhere I swear! Jasmine also talks about this spray a lot on her channel and she has for a while, then I heard of many other people using it and I thought why not give it a try. I usually use it at the end of my skin care, morning and night and then also sometimes over my makeup. I like to mist my makeup somehow to set it and I have been trying this out to see how it works. The smell is light and refreshing and feels excellent on your skin, I am very sensitive also and this hasn’t irritated at all!


ELF Blush Brushdsc_0601

Although this is supposed to be a blush brush I don’t use it for that! I use this brush for highlight as many YouTubers and Bloggers also do! My best friend uses it and I tried it and it is awesome! I don’t have a fan brush or anything like that to use as a highlight brush but this makes your highlight go on easily and lightly!

I find ELF brushes to be amazing, and how can you not love them at the price point!


NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in “Stockholm”dsc_0603

Let me tell you guys, lip liners are my new obsession! I tend to neglect my lips a lot in doing my makeup, I tend to do chapstick and that is all. I hate a lot of the smells of a lot of the lip products out there but lipliners I like a lot. I tend to use these to outline my lips and also fill in. I recently bought two from NYX this one and another that is not Matte, but this is my favorite! Such a perfect nude-pink color. And also super inexpensive!


Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundationdsc_0606

This foundation is an oldie but a goodie! If you are oily or acne prone and need a full coverage, matte foundation this one is amazing! It covers basically anything and does an awesome job of keeping me matte all day long! At a great price point this is an awesome alternative to some higher end foundations. It is super Matte so make sure to moisturize well underneath. As you will see below I love a lot of the Stay Matte products.


Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer


This primer is also a major key to keeping a matte face all day! A great and inexpensive alternative to the Becca Ever-Matte Primer, this does feel like you are putting glue on your face at first but I promise it works wonders!



Just to show you all more of the products from this line, the Stay Matte line is awesome for those of us who suffer from super oily skin! I will often times use this whole line together and it works great! Definitely try this out it can be found at CVS or any drug store!


I have linked all of the products to these items within their names and be sure to check out the YouTubers I have also linked! I love all of these products and use them almost on a daily basis, definitely check them out and let me know!

xoxo Kate


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