End of Semester Stresses

Hi Everyone and happy Sunday! If any of you are college students just like me you are probably the most stressed out you have been all semester! This is such a crunch time for all of us. I am sure you are drowning in group projects, presentations, final exams and everything else school wise! I am a super stressed out person and I let school stress me out a little too much, so I wanted to share with you how I am coping recently with this round of end of semester stresses!

1. Drink a lot of water! (And coffee!)

If you are a college student that doesn’t drink coffee, GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. I couldn’t get through my days without caffeine. I have recently been trying to get off of coffee as much, but I will never be able to give up my caffeine addiction. Recently I have been drinking a ton of tea. For the most part I drink black tea in the morning, I love Earl Grey, Lipton, English Breakfast, or any other strong black tea. This feels much better going into my body than coffee and actually gives me a huge caffeine boost. And lets be honest if your from a cold area like New England, we all need to warm up and what better way than with caffeine!

   2.Treat Yo Self

Some of us do this a little too much (ME) and others don’t do it enough! LOL. As college students we are all spending most of our time in class, doing homework or working and we all need a break every once in a while. I say during finals week and the end of the semester rush, eat that cookie or brownie and allow yourself to eat pizza. This is a great time to give yourself a break from all diets and strictness and allow yourself to stress-eat. You may need to go the gym a little extra but it is worth it for a short amount of time. This brings me to my next point…

  3. Workout!

I know you all are probably saying, “Really? You think I have time for the gym?”. I know I am crazy but even when you are absolutely stressed out and exhausted, doing any sort of exercise can help you out! Do some yoga or pilates or go to the gym for some cardio. Sometimes I am so stressed out I will take 15 mins and go to the gym to do cardio. This is a great way to blow off some steam in between assignments.

   4. Wake up early!

I know some mornings with late nights and homework and night classes it is super hard to get up early. But this will really help to kick start your day, sleeping in makes me feel super lazy and it a waste of time in my opinion. Seize the day and wakeup bright and early. This will allow you extra time to shower, actually eat breakfast, make coffee rather than getting Starbucks and feel organized to start your day!

   5. Watch Netflix!

I am all for a work hard, play hard type of attitude. I do think you need to push through the last few weeks and work hard but who doesn’t need a break to rest your mind. Somedays between homework and classes I am so brain dead at the end of the day. My body is awake but my brain is much. So this is the time I usually take a break to watch a show or YouTube video. I recently have been loving This Is Us which is a new show on NBC, it is so good! I also love to watch Grey’s Anatomy as you all know and another good show I want to watch is Shameless. But I do have to say sometimes I head straight for something funny and lighthearted, New Girl is perfect for these times.

Sometimes we all need a laugh and this is the one show that is absolutely hilarious to watch, if you haven’t already check it out!

Anyway guys, these are my five tips to get you through these next few weeks and I really hope you are able to try them out! This was my break during homework for today so I have to head back to writing my paper!

xoxo Kate


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