Stilla “Stay All Day” Liquid Lipstick Review

Hi Everyone! Today I have a post about the Stilla Liquid Lipsticks that I bought a few weeks ago. I have never tried out liquid lipsticks so this is my first. I bought them in a small gift set at Sephora that came with 5 lipsticks and a glitter lipstick also to go on top.

So, unfortunately I lost on of them and cannot find it right now, but below is a picture of all of the lipsticks. They are pretty neutral colors with a few dark ones, one is a more red color and the other is a dark magenta almost.



This color is “Bacca”


This color is “Transcend”


This is “Fresco”


This is “Patina”


This is “Rubino”

How do they wear on the lips?

So the wear of these lipsticks is only ok to be honest. It goes on nicely but it does rub off onto cups and mugs, etc. It also can move a little bit on the lips. It doesn’t run to the point where it is all over my face but it does move somewhat. Also if you do rub it, it will move on the lips.

How are the colors?

The colors I love, one is a grayish nude and the other is a true nude color. The other two are perfect if you want more of a dramatic look. I have only used the glitter once, but I don’t use glitter on the lips too much.

What is the price point?

This package was limited edition, but I did find this on Ebay and the link is here for $53.

The full size for their other liquid lipsticks are $24, linked here.

Concluding thoughts?

All in all I would say these lipsticks are a cheaper alternative in the package to things like Anastasia or Kat Von D (Which I have not tried!). But from the things I hear those tend to not move around more on the lips.

I honestly don’t regret buying these, for me they don’t cause any trouble since I don’t have anything to compare them to, but for those of you who are big users of liquid lipsticks, you may not like them as well.

Talk to you guys soon!




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