Weekend in New York City

This past weekend I spent the whole weekend in NYC, and I was reminded of how much I really love it there! There is something new and different around every corner and there are so many different neighborhoods and new places to see any time you go. We mostly spent our time in the touristy spots but anyone here is sort of a photo blog of our trip!


We got into Grand Central on Friday night and immediately after dropping our bags at our hotel, we went to Times Square. This is probably one of our favorite places with all the lights and shops and energy! It was pretty chilly though so we stopped into Starbucks and here I am casually sipping on my hot chocolate! 


My happiness!


Church on 5th Ave. 


5th Ave. 


St. Patrick’s Cathedral, one of my favorite places to visit in NYC. Even if your religion isn’t catholic, definitely worth a stop in to see this famous church. Beautiful architecture. 


On Saturday morning we first went to Breakfast at the West Way Diner (Picture below) and then we headed to Tiffany’s. Picked up an amazing gift from my boyfriend and headed on for our day. Of course I had to take a picture in front of the sign!


Eggs Benedict at the Westway Diner. 


Shoes: Adidas 

Jeans: American Eagle

Bomber: Charlotte Rousse

Hat: Columbia

Scarf: Charlotte Rousse

Gloves: Old Navy


Central Park 1.29.17


Shoes: Adidas Ultra Boost

Leggings: Aerie

Glasses: New York and Company

Scarf: H&M 

Jacket: No Idea!


The skyline views from Central Park are gorgeous. 


Visiting central park early in the morning was so beautiful! With the sun only up for a few hours there were tons of people walking their dogs, jogging and sightseeing like we were. We walked around taking everything in and talking, this was one of my favorite moments of the weekend because it is so beautiful and its amazing how the energy of the people there get into you. Definitely one of the best spots for a budget friendly trip!

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures! O



5 thoughts on “Weekend in New York City

  1. I share your love for NYC. One of THE coolest cities on earth. I was there before Christmas, was pretty with all the lights. I wrote about it in case you are interested.
    Thanks for sharing.

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