College Dorm Room Necessities

As Summer is in full swing, for some of you going off to college in the fall this is the time where you are probably spending a great deal of time planning out your dorm room and getting all the necessities. I remember this being such and exciting time today I wanted to do a short list of some things to keep in mind and some of the things that came in most handy to me when moving into college!

And since we are all on a budget, these are for the most part budget friendly options!

Top things to bring:

  1. Mattress Pad – so as most of you probably know, college beds aren’t necessarily the most comfortable. I definitely recommend getting at least a mattress pad and if you want to go all out (if your extra like me), go for a 2 or 3 inch pad that is most likely memory foam. This will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, I promise! Here are some I found:




2. Bins – whether you put these in your closet, on top of it, or under your bed; bins will help you pretty much double the storage you have. Most rooms come with a dresser and a big wardrobe closet. I always had small bins in my closet as well as a plastic drawer set under my bed. Here are some options that work really well for clothes, shoes and anything in between. Here’s some of my favorites:


3. Shower Caddy – my first year at school we had communal bathrooms, and after that I had two bathrooms my roommates and I all shared. Either way it is awesome to have some sort of caddy to hold all your shower necessities. You can pretty much find these anywhere. Here’s an inexpensive one from Walmart:


4. Throws and blankets – I probably have about 5 throws in my bedroom at home and at school it is the same. These are perfect for cold nights or going to your friends room to watch a movie, having a cozy blanket like this is a necessity for me. Here’s one for $14 from Target:


I hope that you guys enjoy these tips on necessities that I needed for my dorm and find it helpful! Leave a comment about some of the things that you find necessary for yours!

xoxo Kate


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