Travel Diary: Havana, Cuba

The past two weeks I was lucky enough to travel for 12 days to Cuba! While there we visited three different cities and saw so many amazing things while there. The people, the culture, the views, the beaches and everything in between added to such an amazing experience.

I wanted to do a separate post for each city that we visited to show what was best in each and of course lots and lots of photos!

So for the first post of this trilogy, I will be sharing information and photos from my time in Havana, which is the major city in Cuba.

Havana is located on the northern part of the island and is where we flew into and spent the greater portion of our trip. This city is large with many neighborhoods and sights to see. We stayed in a hostel for our first four nights that was sort of middle of the city, about a 20 minute walk from old Havana and 20 minute walk to the University of Havana.

Throughout our trip we stayed in hostels and casa particulars so that we could truly experience the culture and people of Cuba. Here are some photos of where we stayed:

Top 5 palces in Havana:

  1. Fabrica de Artes Cubano (FAC) – This was probably one of the coolest places I have ever been to. This is basically an old factory building made into an art museum or exhibit. Also in the building are multiple bars, food stops and a full restaurant. Also after 11 PM the music room turns into a club with a balcony over looking the downstairs and is an amazing place to be. Just grab a drink and some food and walk around to take it all in.
  2. Melecon – This is basically a highway that runs all along the sea wall in Havana. It has a beautiful skyline and you must drive or walk down this during your time in the city. Also sometimes they do fiestas at night there!
  3. Old Havana – This neighborhood or borough is beautiful, definitely one of my favorites! It is definitely much different than the more residential parts of Havana, but the streets and buildings around here are definitely a sight to see. There are many plazas in this area and Hemingway’s apartment too! PS: they have amazing churros and a chocolate museum!
  4. Universidad de Havana – This is a must see, the architecture, stairs and garden at the university is beautiful. The stairs and so tall and seem to go on forever up to the university (trust me I climbed up them in the POURING rain).fullsizeoutput_23bb
  5. Embassy – An embassy visit is something that I personally would not have thought to do while in another country, but was actually one of my favorite parts. We visited the Embassy of the United States and received a presentation from a diplomat there. This was so interesting to here about the Cuban and US policy and what it is like living as a US citizen in Cuba._DSC0453

Havana Restaurants:

  1. El Dandy – This was the first restaurant we went to in Cuba and we went back on our last day as well. This is a small café sort of restaurant with mojitos (of course!) and some of the best tacos I have ever had. They have some other great food but the “tacos de pollo” (chicken tacos) stole my heart!
  2. La Juliana (LJ) – This restaurant was very close to our hostel and we went here twice as well. They have excellent pizza (don’t expect it to be the same as American pizza) and also have some great chicken dishes! Again the mojitos are amazing!IMG_8815

I hope that you all enjoyed this little look into Havana, I can’t wait to the rest of my trip as well!



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