Here is part 2 of my travel diary to Cuba. This post will be centered around the second town I visited which was Vinales, a beautiful town in the mountains of the western part of Cuba.

Vinales has some of the best views I have ever seen in my entire life. We spent only one night and two days here and it truly was an amazing time. We stayed in a hostel here which was awesome and we were able to see pretty much all of the big sites to see in Vinales.

The first day we arrived we went horseback riding through a national park there, we saw lots of animals and tobacco fields as well as seeing how coffee beans are made into coffee and how cigars are rolled. We met so many nice people here and learned a great deal!

Things to do:

  1. Horseback Riding – this is a great way to see so many of he sights of Vinales without having to walk or drive anywhere. Being on a horse truly adds to the experience and I was able to see some of the most amazing landscapes I had ever seen. _DSC0274_DSC0260
  2. Caves – these were awesome and unexpected to see. We stopped and went on a boat ride through a cave and also went through one that has a restaurant build into the side of it. Petty awesome if you ask me.IMG_8885_DSC0420
  3. Mural de Prehistoria – this mural is very famous in Cuba and was a sight to see. You definitely don’t need to spend too much time here and its around 3 CUC just to get in, but it was pretty amazing to see a side of a mountain that was hand painted!
  4. IMG_8956
  5. Hotel La Ermita – this is a hotel that is basically on top of the town and has a platform with a view of the valley that is highly attended! Definitely try to take a stop up here, there are some stores, a bar and an amazing view to take in while in Vinales. Also – when we were there a bull was walking around that you could ride on, again pretty damn awesome.IMG_8976

Where to eat:

  1. Black and White – right down the street from the square in the center of town, you can’t miss it, there is a restaurant with black and white awnings that has an inside and an outside patio. This restaurant was great for lunch, excellent pasta and chicken dishes as well! Here is what I had:_DSC0238
  2. Square – Considering we were only here for one night we didn’t eat much here, but we did go to a few restaurant near the square and also wet dancing! There are many that have great drinks and pretty broad menus.

Where to stay:

There are many hostels in Vinales, basically every house, so definitely go that route. Read the reviews online to see what others say about them. This is the best way to go to make connections and find out what the best things to do are in this beautiful town.

Our house was able to set up all of the excursions that we did here which was amazing.

Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Anyone who ever gets the chance to travel to Cuba, go! And make sure you stop in Vinales, by far my favorite town!

Until next time…



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