The start of a new month, year, or even day means also the start of a new set of goals! We all usually have yearly goals and different things that we want to achieve, but I try to come up with new goals monthly to keep me motivated! Here are five of mine below:


This year I definitely want to work on growing my blog and my YouTube channel, it truly is what I love to do. I am obsessed with watching beauty bloggers and lifestyle vloggers, learning more about the beauty industry and the world that surrounds it. I would love nothing more than to work in an industry that I am so interested in and know so much about!


Definitely one of my goals for the year is to live a more healthy lifestyle, I want to workout more and eat a lot healthier (which is one of my other goals!). Living a healthy lifestyle affects so many other areas of your life and only brings more positivity and added benefits. A spin class is a piece of the exercising part of a healthy lifestyle and I have always wanted to try a class, maybe Soul Cycle some day!


After a few months of not eating so healthy and not working out, I definitely feel the need to cleanse my body and start fresh. A juice cleanse for a day or even just for a meal replacement is a great way to start on a new wave of healthful eating.


These past two weekends I have spent a great deal of time working on organizing and de-cluttering my space. This has ultimately been one of my goals for a while, but I finally started purging my closet and really getting rid of clothes and items that I no longer need. It feels so good to clear things out. I would love to do a post about purging your closet and also how I then organize my space.


Eating healthy brings obvious benefits, and with so many diets out today it seems like it is difficult to find one that will last. Eating more organically and more whole foods ultimately is excellent for your overall health and is a great habit to start. I would love to share some of the healthy recipes I have been trying also. For one here is the link to one of my YouTube videos on how I meal prep.

I would love to hear some of your monthly goals in the comments! Check back in Sunday for a new post!



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