The Summer can be such a relaxing time, especially if you are still a student or a teacher who has Summers off. But the Summer can also fly by and feel as though you weren’t as productive as you were hoping. Here are how I try to get the most out of my Summer and some 8 of my best tips!


If you aren’t a morning person – this may be a difficult one for you. But even if you aren’t, I swear by this! I found that when I wasn’t working on breaks and in the Summer, if I slept in I knew it would be a lazy day.

Even if you have nothing planned stick to waking up at the same time during the weekdays and sleep in on the weekends this helps to make sure you can make the most of your day!


For most this is a given – but if you are feeling lazy in the am, DRINK COFFEE! I understand that there are some negative effects of caffeine, but if you are someone who needs that kick start in the morning, wake up early and make yourself a cup of joe. OR if you want get up and head out to one of your favorite coffee spots – I love heading to coffee shops.

Also, a great place to take a cute Instagram pic!


These first few tips go together – after waking up early (and by early I mean 8 or 8:30) I love to work out in the morning. This feels so good to get your workout out of the way and also gives me a burst of energy and I feel ready to start my day. Even if all you do is go for a walk, any type of exercise in the am helps!


This is something I always like to do and this is probably my #1 tip – even if you are staying in the house the whole day I like to do this. Brush your teeth, wash your face, beat your face and get ready to face the day! Also I like to change out of my PJ’S into some regular clothes, or at least a new pair of leggings.


During the semester this is my key tip to staying organized. Sunday nights are usually when I plan out my week – I like to write all of my assignments, exams and quizzes into my planner and also any extra activities and my work schedule. This ensures that I don’t forget anything, plus I know what to expect for the week ahead.

During the summertime, try to stick to this same goal – plan out what you want to get done this week, maybe schedule out a few things to do with your friends and then you have things to look forward to!


This is one of my favorite things to do – when I am feeling stressed or down I love to look at inspirational quotes. The best way I find is to do this on Pinterest – I even have a whole board dedicated to them right here. These can help to just push you to the next level and to feel motivated.

I also love to post these on Instagram because you never know who it could cheer up.


If you are a college student, the world of “adulting” gets closer and closer every Summer. I love to spend some time during the week researching job descriptions, cities I may want to live in and possibly looking at apartments in those cities. This always excites me to see what is possible in the future and can also help with narrowing down your answer when people ask, “What is it you want to do after graduation?”

And yes, all college students HATE that question.


This is my favorite tip, we all live in such a busy world and such a work obsessed world. No matter how busy you are, try to find at least one fun thing to do every week. Whether that is something with your friends, significant other or your family go do it!

Life is short and try to take advantage of every moment we have!





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